Why Commitment And Passion Are The Only Way To Truly Achieve Your Dreams

Success is not an easy thing to come by. It takes sacrifice. Long nights, hard work, and having the discipline to say no to all the distractions in the world.

Being committed to your dream is arguably one of the most important things to achieve true success. 

The problem is most people are not fully committed. Yeah they may tell themselves they’re all in or that this is truly their passion but most of the time they’re lying to themselves. When it truly gets hard they will give up or slip back into unproductive activities. 

Listen we all know doing more of the same will never lead to different results but so many people are quick to revert to their old habits.

Most people have the desire to achieve their goals but truly lack the commitment and passion to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Clearly it’s not a lack of want that is stopping people from achieving their goals.

Why do most people think they’re committed?

Most people start and are immediately thrilled with their new idea. They spend a few weeks working on it but then encounter their first obstacle. Inevitably what ends up happening is their old habits kick back in, they start to lose motivation, and start choosing other things over their goals. 

These people usually chose this idea because it sounded cool or was something they heard they could make a lot of money from but it wasn’t their passion. 

If you can take just one thing away from this article, let it be this. Make sure your passion aligns with your goals, otherwise you will give up at the first sign of a setback.

How to develop a strong commitment to your goals

Commitment is a skill that can be learned and should be practiced daily. To develop commitment it's going to take more than strong willpower, you need to know why you want to achieve your goals.

First write down your goals, then put a definitive why next to each one. Your why should be all the reasons you desire to accomplish your goal. Next write about all the positive things that will change in your life if you achieve your goal. After that put all the ways your life could be worse if you don’t stay committed to your goal. 

Make this sheet for all your goals and hang it somewhere you will see it everyday  to constantly remind yourself of your why.

Your why is the single most important aspect of staying committed to your goals. When you encounter obstacles look to your why for the motivation to keep going. Your why will keep you going when you feel like giving up.

Deep Diving your Why

Understanding the deeper reasons for your goal will allow you to find the true motivating factor to your goal and your deepest why. 

Many times people will look at the surface level of their goal to form their why but its really the deeper level achievements that form your why.

For instance let's say you want to “get in shape by summer and have six-pack abs.” You don’t set this goal to just have a rocking body (the surface result), but you do set this goal for the changes it will create in your life.

This goal could give you status, admiration, or the popularity you have strived for.

It might mean you can finally win over the girl of your dreams.

Maybe you’re just doing it for the health reasons and to live a longer, happier life.

Whatever your reasons are, they are so much more motivating than just the surface reasons. By reminding yourself of the real reason your goal is important you will be more committed to achieving it.

Whenever you set a goal, make sure to always be clear on the deep reasons “why”.

What happens when you don’t know your why?

Without identifying your why, you run the danger of being far less committed. When you’re less committed your chance of success is extremely low. 

You’re most likely going to give into distraction easier, revert back to old habits (aka your comfort zone) and give up at the first struggle. 

You’re definitely not going to invest the same amount of time if you’re passionate and know your why. 

Remember: You’re competing against other people who will know their why and are far more committed. Know your why if you want to succeed.

Think of all the reasons how your goal will transform your goal and keep pushing forward.

When you’re actually committed to the goal you will do the work no matter what, even when you don’t feel like it. You will be willing to say not to old habits. You will wake up early. You will dedicate all your waking time and energy to achieving your goal.

That's the mindset I want you to be in. The stronger your commitment to the goal the more likely you are to succeed because you will refuse to give in to temptation and most of all refuse to give up. 

This is the mindset of success.

Now stop talking, and start taking action.

If you want to achieve a big audacious goal start with the why and make sure that your fully committed to achieving it. Remember that identifying your why is the single most important way to stay committed to your goal.

The one action you can take away from this article is to make a list of your three most important goals and ask yourself “Why does this goal matter to me?” and “How will my life change for the better when I accomplish this goal?”

Write down your whys and goals and tape them somewhere you will see them everyday. Even better add reading them to your morning routine for daily motivation.

In 6 months look back on your life and you will be blown away by how much you have achieved.

Live Alpha,

Andrew Sabbatino
Co-Founder of AlphaVive