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4 Things You Should be Doing Immediately to Speed up your Progress


4 Things You Should be Doing Immediately to Speed up your Progress

We’ve all been to a point where we just pause and think because we feel like we’re not making any progress. 

These kinda moments are usually the best time for us to rethink our choices and actions because at some point there will always be certain things that will hold us back or slow us down from making fast progress; and sometimes, little did we know that those things are the small negative things that we just shrug off and tolerate.

Most people tolerate a certain level of mediocrity in their lives — negative minded friends or relatives, procrastination, settling with an unhealthy lifestyle and the like which prevents us from taking big steps to progress.

The good news is, we can always find a way to change that to speed up our progress. Here are 5 things you should be doing IMMEDIATELY if you want real progress in your life:

1. Cut off your negative minded friends

First of all, because you don’t need them and you never will. Second, because you can’t expect a positive result when you hang out with negative people all the time. 

Cut off that friend from work that slacks off.

Cut off that friend that makes you feel uncomfortable from all the negativity that comes out of his mouth.

You’ll never know how peaceful your life will be when you just cut ties with that friend who goes around pointing at your errors non-stop. 

Negative friends will keep you from leveling-up. It’s a hard choice, but one many people have had to make.Ask yourself: what’s more important, the approval of a negative person, or a chance at real success and happiness?

2. Stop dwelling on your old personal beliefs

A few years ago you settled with choices that made you who you are today and right now. You settled because they were the only choices that you felt safe in, and right now you probably have a lot of old, outdated beliefs that are holding you back.

For instance, a few years ago you believed that you’ll never fit in to that crowd that you always wanted to be a part of. 

Or maybe there was a time when you thought that you’ll never achieve that body goal.

But honestly, you’ll never really find out if you won’t take a chance. Sometimes, all you can do is embrace things to see some changes. While we may have different definitions of success, we can win against our weaker selves.

3. Stop Multitasking

You may think multitasking is a good skill to acquire when truthfully, trying to do everything at once can only result in a lot of energy wasted.

If you want to be more productive, research says it’s best to stop multitasking. The problem with trying to multi-task is all that shifting back and forth between tasks isn’t all that efficient because, each time we do it, it takes our brain some time to refocus. So while it might seem efficient on the surface, it isn’t

4. Embrace Your Failures

Safe life is a wasted life. God made you for far, far more than the life you let your fears define for you.” — Rick Warren

You are working to reach your dreams. You have high energy, but failure seems like a frequent visitor.

Failure does not only appear in your life. It appeared first in the lives of successful people. But they managed those failures well which eventually ushered them to the position where they are.

They say failure is the best teacher, and once you learn from your failures that’s where the real progress will actually take place. 

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